Jimmy Stroh was raised in Spokane, WA and began his early years living in the Otis Orchards area. Being raised the oldest boy in a family of 6 children, Jimmy learned to work at a young age. At age 10 he applied and accepted his first job delivering newspapers for the Valley Harold.

At age 16 Jimmy was offered his first roofing job for a local contractor. There he learned more about responsibility and leadership and was promoted to become a crew foreman by the age of just 18. His leadership potential was not only evident in his employment, but Jimmy was also elected by his class mates Senior Class President. The summer following his graduation Jimmy completed and received his Eagle Scout award which is the highest rank possible within the Boy Scouts of America.

Committed to God, Jimmy delayed his post graduate education to earn the money needed to support himself while devoting two years of his life to full time missionary service in Australia. While away, he made the decision to build his own company upon returning home.

Shortly after returning from Australia, Jimmy opened Jimmy’s Roofing in the spring of 2001. With the desire to continue his education, Jimmy attended and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Management.

Jimmy’s Roofing has been hiring employees since 2003. In their quest to obtain the highest quality personnel, they began instituting new policies & procedures which were almost unheard of within the roofing industry. Health and a contributing retirement benefits were offered in 2005. Employee drug testing, uniforms, strict grooming standards, tatoo and piercing restrictions, and a no smoking policy were also implemented. “By raising the bar and instituting higher standards, we have found the best people of the industry knocking on our door,” says Jimmy.

Jimmy’s Roofing is now positioned as one of the top roofing contractors in the Northwest.