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Metal Roof Repair covers a gamut of materials. We can fix all varieties, including steel, zinc alloy, aluminum, tin and copper. There are two basic categories that make up this type of surface:

  • Shingles: Metal roof repair for shingle surfaces is very often the result of an improper installation followed by severe weather. Installed properly, shingles of aluminum, steel or copper should last without issues for 40 years or longer. Repair also becomes necessary if the shingles were not fastened properly or an inferior underlayment was used. Complete replacement of these systems is rarely necessary.

  • Panels: Flat panels, which include the popular standing seam variety, always feature joined seams. They are either coated or galvanized. They are vulnerable to water intrusion through places where openings exist for vent pipes, skylights, ducts and fans, as well as along areas where two planes meet. The adhesives used for these systems years ago were not very durable. They can lose their properties with time and allow leakage to occur. Older installations may also rust and break down. We can perform a complete inspection of your paneled installation and determine any points of water entry and potential water entry.

While metal installations are among the longest lasting, it is vital to keep them in good shape and take care of leaks. We can fix an old or improperly installed system using top quality workmanship and materials. It will add years to the life of your roof.

Metal surfaces have been a staple of home-building throughout the United States since the country was formed. This material was used for houses of the aristocracy in the early days, and for the average homeowner beginning in the 19th century. Recently, there has been a renewed interest in these systems due to their durability and versatility for both homes and businesses.

Repairs are generally needed because an installation has become old, or the materials were not installed correctly to begin with. We can bring it up to par or fix any damage.

One of our Spokane, Seattle, Redmond or Bellevue metal roof repair specialties is restoring historic homes and buildings. The tin panels that were used in the 19th century for homes still exist today, and many homeowners wish to maintain the original look. The surfaces can be restored or replaced with replications that are still being produced today. We can also repair copper panel surfaces on older buildings.

If your home or building has a roof of aluminum, steel, zinc or copper, consider yourself lucky and have a qualified professional, like us, perform annual maintenance inspections to identify any trouble before it starts.