You get what you pay for

My wife and  I are very pleased with the outcome of our new roof. Jimmy’s Roofing was not the cheapest bid that we received, but I guess the old adage applies: “You get what you pay for.” The Jimmy’s Roofing crew (Jim (not Jimmy) and Jason) came to our house at the exact agreed upon time and truly put in full days, under the blazing July sun! They removed our old shingles, replacing them with an IKO architectural shingle. Jim and Jason were meticulous with their work and extensively cleaned up at the end of each of the four days that they were on the project. Jim and Jason were very friendly, very knowledgeable, very helpful, and quite pleasant to be around. Everything in Jimmy’s bid was very much done to my wife and my satisfaction. Our new roof, an IKO Cambridge 30 NW Harvard Slate, looks magnificent. I honestly do not think you could have a better outcome with another company. I would hire Jimmy’s Roofing again in a minute; they could not get a higher recommendation from my wife and