For business owners looking for a commercial roofing inspection, look no further than Jimmy's Roofing. We’ve been working with local businesses throughout the area for decades and have built many strong relationships in that time. Whether you have a leaking roof, or you’ve noticed a spike in your energy costs, arranging commercial roof inspection services can track the problem down. Problems with your roof can go undetected for some time. By arranging a scheduled roof inspection with our team, you can identify any potential issues and take action before they become a major problem. We’ll carry out a detailed and thorough assessment of your commercial roof and ensure your roof offers the protection you expect.

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    • Spokane
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    Commercial Roof Inspection Pros

    The roof of your business protects you so much. From assets to customers, your roof keeps everything and everybody dry and safe below. A leaking commercial roof could really have a detrimental effect on your business. That’s where our commercial roofing inspection comes in. We can arrange a full inspection of your business premises roof taking into account everything at roof level. Whether you know you have a problem or you just want a routine inspection, we cover every inch of your roof. A problematic roof could result in damage to computer equipment or specialty machines below. Call our team today to find out more about our commercial roof inspection services.

    Here are just some of the areas we cover during our commercial roofing inspection:

    • Evaluate roofing membrane/shingles
    • Inspect drain/scupper areas
    • Probe seams
    • Inspect penetration sealants
    • Evaluate metal and curb flashings
    • Inspect terminations
    Commercial roof inspection

    Commercial Roof Inspection Services

    As professional roof experts, we take our responsibility very seriously when it comes to providing commercial roofing inspection. When you come to Jimmy's Roofing, your business will always be in safe hands. We understand the important job your roof does to protect your business and everything you have worked so hard to build. Once we have completed our evaluation of your roof, we’ll provide you with an on-the-spot estimate for any necessary repairs. Since we opened our doors back in 2001, we’ve been the preferred company for commercial roof inspection services for local business owners. From inspections and repairs to preventative maintenance and roof replacement, we’re here to protect your business and assets all year round. We can also assist you if you are planning a new facility and require a roofing contractor to oversee and complete all roofing works.

    To find out more about arranging a commercial roofing inspection, speak to our team here at Jimmy's Roofing today. We’re the area’s premier roofing team.

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