Roofing Coatings are a way to add years of life to your existing structure without the need for costly replacement. We are your coating specialists in Washington and Idaho. Call us today and we will show you how we can stop leaks and prevent new ones from occurring in one simple application.

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    If you need roofing coatings, we guarantee the highest grade rubberized product that can be spread over existing flat surfaces. Also referred to as elastomeric products, these applications can add a substantial amount of life to an existing structure.

    Man applying black roof coating to a concrete roof

    They can be applied over almost every type of surface including the following:
    • Built Up: Over a period of time, they can suffer from degradation due to heat and UV exposure. They become brittle and begin to crack. The surface temperatures can reach 180° F in the sun. A coating can add life to the surface and reduce the surface temperature significantly.
    • Tar and Gravel: Gravel removal, or spudding as it is called, is required prior to applying elastomeric products. It is recommended to add an underlayer of urethane foam to smooth out any uneven surfaces.
    • Concrete: It will cover up the cracks that cause leaks in concrete surfaces.
    • Metal: Roofing coatings in are a wise idea over metal because leaks can occur around intrusions, flashing, or old or screwed down seams. They can also occur from a loss of galvanization.
    • EPDM, TPO and PVC: Single ply surface leaks are difficult to detect and isolate. Elastomeric coatings applied to the entire surface are the best alternative to replacing the entire roof.
    • Modified Bitumen: These types of surfaces can often have their life extended by 10 or more years if an elastomeric product is applied within ten years of the original installation.
    • Spray Foam: Polyurethane foam begins to deteriorate from UV exposure almost immediately after application. It should be coated with a protective surface right after installation.

    Roofing coatings can be applied to other surfaces as well. Another plus is that they can lower the surface temperature by up to 30 percent and, in turn, reduce the energy needs of the building. This lowers your HVAC costs and keeps your occupants comfortable. Elastomeric roofs are a green choice for today’s businesses and industrial concerns.

    These coatings can save you expensive replacement costs, and can stop all the leaks that already exist while preventing new ones. These benefits make elastomeric coatings an extremely cost effective solution for almost any commercial surface issue. One application can save you thousands of dollars in just a few years.

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