Roof maintenance is extremely important to help guarantee that your house top will reach or exceed its expected lifespan. When temperatures drop below freezing and ice and snow cover your house top, it is nice to be reassured that your house top is protected against the elements.

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    Maintenance is something that should be practiced every season of the year. Each season brings with it unique weather conditions and new stress to your house top. Spring has heavy rains and wind, summer has scorching sun, autumn brings falling leaves, twigs and nuts, and of course winter has its ice, snow and rain. To adequately maintain the top of your house, it should be monitored carefully during these periods, especially after extreme weather occurs. It is wise to have a professional contractor perform a scheduled and non-scheduled inspection year round.

    Good seasonal roof maintenance should include:

    • Spring: Cleaning and removing debris like twigs and leaves from gutters. Removing debris from the surface, especially valleys. Inspection for winter damaged areas, and also attic areas for leakage. Checking all flashing and intrusions. Commercial roofing should be checked for areas of standing water from poor drainage.
    • Summer: Performing a check of the attic ventilation system. Looking for heat or UV damaged shingles or top coating.
    • Autumn: Removing debris and leaves from gutters and downspouts. Clearing any debris from the top of the house. Performing a surface check for weak areas, blown off shingles, gravel loss from shingles, hail damage and heat or UV damage.
    • Late autumn or early winter: Cleaning gutters a second time to remove late falling leaves, needles and twigs. Installing gutter heating if desired.
    • Winter: Removing any ice buildup in gutters that can cause damming and water intrusion. Removing heavy ice and snow buildup from above. Checking for gutter leaks or overflow from melting or runoff.

    If roof maintenance, including an inspection of critical areas, is performed seasonally, it will not only help to maintain the properties of the house top but also any potential problems can be located and corrected before they become serious. A qualified contractor should be the only one to perform these preventative maintenance measures. It is too dangerous for an untrained individual to do an inspection, especially in bad weather. Also, the untrained eye will not recognize subtle changes that can be critical signs of potential issues. Hail damage, for example, is often no bigger than a dime but can greatly depreciate asphalt. At times, only a rusted nail inside an attic will indicate moisture penetration.

    When seeking a qualified contracting company to perform a seasonal inspection, it is important to find a group with experience in maintaining your type of house top in your local area. Beware of companies that are national retail chains who happen to also do roofing. They subcontract their work to the lowest bidder. You need to find someone who is familiar with the regional weather conditions and who is motivated by keeping a maintenance contract for the long term rather than selling you a new roof. Check the company’s references and also their rating with the local Better Business Bureau. Do not go by reviews that you read on websites. A good, well-established contractor will have an abundance of local references. You would never let your car go without maintenance. Is your home or business less important?

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