If you need a Flat Roof Replacement, call us first for a complete inspection of your existing surface. You may not need a complete replacement. We can very often repair or re-coat instead of replace. Even if you need a second opinion, call us. We may be able to save you money.

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    There are flat roofing replacement projects that range from a few hundred square feet on top of a small retail building to hundreds of thousands of square feet. It is usually not the entire roofing system that needs to be replaced on a large project and often not on a small one either. Only a complete and thorough inspection of the entire surface, one square foot at a time, will determine the need for a new roof or a repair job.

    Very often moisture intruding in one or two areas outside can appear inside in many different areas. The intruding water can move from place to place and can travel a long horizontal distance before entering a room. Our inspectors have unmatched expertise in determining the severity and location of the problem.

    In some cases an elastomeric coating can be used to seal the existing surface and add years to its life. These are rubberized coatings that are applied over the entire surface and seal up all leaks and areas of potential leakage. The surface below can be insulated and pitched toward drains. Lighter colored material makes for a cooler topside surface to reduce interior cooling requirements.

    Materials Available for Your Flat Roof Replacement

    If replacement is needed, we will provide all the information regarding the different materials available. We install the following surfaces:

    • Single Ply: These membranes are either EPDM (rubber), PVC (Polyvinyl chloride, or TPO (thermoplastic olefin). These are tough, tear-resistant materials which are thoroughly sealed or welded together. These are very popular alternatives to the hot tar and gravel method.
    • Built Up Roofing (BUR): This is a layered surface where we utilize a “cold process” application to avoid smells and burns.
    • Metal: This is the material of choice for the building owner who wants a lifetime of dependable use.
    Flat roof replacement

    Choosing the Right Materials for Your Flat Roof

    Roofing material choices are varied, and we are experts in the installation and maintenance of all the different materials that are available. After we have installed a new surface we highly recommend a complete inspection both annually and after severe storms to ensure that you get the expected life from your new installation. We do not want to install a new surface on your building and walk away. We want to be there to maintain and stand behind our job for as long as you are in the building. As local contractors, we will be here for you for many years to come.

    If you want to avoid a complete replacement or even a potentially costly repair, call us today and schedule a complete inspection of your system. A little preventive maintenance could save you a lot of money and aggravation in the future. Most commercial surfaces can be maintained for many years before a new installation is required. Let us do the job.

    Why risk damage to your building and its contents? Call us for a professional inspection right away and add to your peace of mind.

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