Scheduled Roof Inspections are the best way to identify any potential issues and correct them before a problem develops. Our local team of professionals will perform a detailed evaluation of your system to ensure the lifetime of protection you expect. Call today and we will respond quickly to serve you.

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    Regular roof checks are valuable for determining the overall condition of an existing installation and also pinpoint leaks or potential leaks early on. Whether you have a commercial system or a shingle housetop, we will thoroughly evaluate the entire surface and even photograph the process. When we discover a minor repair, we can fix it on the spot. For larger repairs, we will provide a thorough and detailed estimate. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and local accountability, and have verifiable references to prove it!

    Our roof inspections for residential customers include:
    • Evaluation of the shingles to determine their overall condition and any areas that may be weakened or damaged from storms
    • Checking the attic space for proper ventilation and any signs or water intrusion
    • Checking the gutters and downspouts for condition and proper capacity
    • Removing all leaves and debris from the surface and the gutters
    • Checking all flashing, and repair any loose areas
    • Giving an on the spot estimate for any major repairs that may be recommended
    Our roof inspections for commercial properties include:
    • Walking the entire roof to locate any points of water entry or potential water intrusion
    • Locating and removing any debris collected on the surface, in gutters, scuppers and drains
    • Locating areas of ponding and recommending a solution to ensure better drainage
    • Locating any separations, cracks, buckling and loose fasteners, and driving down any protruding nail heads
    • Performing thermographic imaging if necessary to detect hidden areas of moisture
    Most problems with both commercial and residential surfaces can be repaired quickly and easily. If it is determined that a surface has exceeded its life expectancy, we will provide an estimate to replace it only after showing you all the possible options. Very often a commercial surface can have its life extended for years by the application of an elastomeric coating. This will seal the whole surface and eliminate the need for a replacement.

    We believe roof inspections offer the kid of preventive maintenance that helps you attain maximum performance and durability. Inspections should be done annually, and after severe storms, on a new installation. They should be performed even more frequently on an older roof.

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    Have you experienced storm damage? Insurance companies allow up to one year, as a rule, to file a storm damage claim. Even on a residential roof, storm damage, especially from hail, is not always visible. It takes a trained expert to spot it. We will work with your insurance company on any claim to ensure that you receive the proper compensation to which you are entitled.

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