We repair roof leaks before they cause more costly damage to your home or building. Whether your leaks are a mere annoyance or are causing problems now, they must be addressed because they will not get better on their own. We have a proven track record of finding, repairing and preventing water intrusion, so call us today!

    Jimmy's Roofing Repairs Residential Roof Leaks In:

    When roof leaks first start, they often go unnoticed for a long time because they begin as small and inconspicuous. Intruding water may travel a long horizontal distance before it reaches a place to enter the rooms below. It often will enter a wall rather than the ceiling and remain unseen, feeding dangerous mold and mildew growth. The moisture can also soak into wall board for a long time before showing through on the inside of the wall.

    We Are Well Equipped to Perform These Vital Jobs

    Walking the roof

    Leaks may be present if residential shingles are damaged, curled, detached or missing. We inspect the entire surface close up for signs of degradation and depreciation. We flatten any popping nail heads and make sound recommendations. On commercial buildings, we analyze the surface for cracking, separation, buckling and peeling. We can re-seal any vent pipes, intrusions or flashing as required.

    Cleaning and removing

    Roof leaks can be avoided by regularly removing any accumulation of debris and standing water. We will raise up low areas that trap water and leaves.

    Clearing gutters, scuppers, and downspouts

    Any blockage of runoff can create problems. We will eliminate those issues as part of our total services.

    Inspection of attic spaces for leaks

    We will check attic space for any signs of water intrusion such as staining of the decking and insulation, rusty nails, and stained vent pipes.

    Preventing roof leaks is the key to protecting your home or building. As one of the most experienced contractors in Washington and Idaho, we are well resourced to perform a comprehensive inspection of your surface. We are expertly trained to find the source of your leaks and detect areas that could pose future problems.

    Preventing roof leaks is possible with our proactive service. A periodic inspection and maintenance of your system, preferably seasonally, is the best measure to prevent the rain from entering the structure below. This should also include snow and ice removal in the winter and an inspection immediately following any severe weather event at any time of year.

    Removing snow and ice build-up is important because these conditions can hold water in place for an extended period of time. This moisture can find its way through the smallest cracks due to pressure. They can even cause a total collapse of a flat roof from the tremendous weight. If even a small leak is caused by a storm, the next weather event could make it much worse. Get your surface checked regularly by a professional and there will be no need to worry.

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